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Africa Property News

Africa Property news provides numerous articles and news items about real estate and property investment in multiple parts of the world.

African Property

African Property Group is one of the first property marketplace in Africa, offering the perfect platform for hundreds of millions of users to sell, buy and rent properties like apartments, homes, villas, condominiums, offices, shops, lands, farms and other real estate online.

CNBC Africa

Demand for investment in African real estate is expected to reach a fever pitch in 2018, and beyond, as the continent’s markets turn to growth after years of trying trading conditions. Read more here

Homes Africa

You can visit their site if you want to buy, sell or rent houses in Africa. Homes Africa focuses primarily on luxury houses

IPE – Africa Real Estate

IPE is a global organization that provides financial information about countries worldwide. This article focuses on real estate opportunities in different parts of Africa


Yemi Alade featuring Sauti Sol – Africa

A very nice tune about the Uniqueness of Africa by a very talented African musician. Just reminds you of how great Africa is.

Africa Music TV – Video Channel

This is the official Video channel of African Music TV. The channel has videos of songs and dances from all over Africa. You can watch their best African dance collection, African Reggae and Soul selection, songs from all over Africa…

Davido – African Music Channel

You can visit Davido’s channel to listen to several of his top songs. Davido is one of Africa’s most popular musicians. His channel has dozens of songs viewed by millions of people

African Salt – Music Video Channel

African Salt’s music video channel lists a lot of top songs from Africa. A large proportion are from South Africa. The songs are in English and also, a variety of African languages

JAMBO (Hello in Swahili) and AKWAABA (Welcome in Twi, a Ghanaian language)

Hello and Welcome to ExploreAfrica.com

We built this site to provide our guests with a wholistic picture of Africa. The perception being created about Africa is that it is all about Safaris and Wildlife. Africa has more depth than that. We provide you with links to hundreds of websites where you can explore, shop and learn about the real Africa.  Thanks for visiting and please visit us again.

Africa Food & Drinks

AFK Travel

African towns and cities have some of the liveliest and exciting street life in the world, and appropriately, some of the most delicious street foods. They might look a little different from what you’re used to back home (snails, anyone?) but you can’t take a trip to Africa without trying at least one of these dishes. Here are 10 favorite African street foods.


With over 50 countries to choose from in Africa, you truly are spoiled for choice with the various tastes and flavours the continent has to offer, each wonderfully unique. African street food is not only delicious and spicy, but it is rich in history and diversity.

African Overland Tours

Street food in Africa is sold on the side of the road by vendors or hawkers who have a small stall. They are often cheaper, eaten with your hands and considered as fast food. It is often more reasonable than sitting down at a restaurant and you can get a good idea of what that particular region offers as their local cuisine.

Culture Trip

Explore Africa street foods from fried caterpillars to greasy rolex’s, Ghana to Uganda, South Africa to Morocco, the foods of the wonderful African continent offer ingenious combinations of flavor, nutrition and cost efficiency.

Africa Fashion & Beauty

2nd Image International

2nd Image currently operates as a full-fledged beauty clinic committed to the provision of quality beauty and slimming services as well as training programs in the beauty industry. As a full-service beauty clinic, 2nd Image International has since its inception groomed and treated hundreds of people (both men and women).

Africa Sports

African Football

African Football is an authority on domestic football coverage across the most popular leagues in Africa such as Nigeria, South Africa, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Uganda and Zambia as well as others.

All Africa – Sports

AllAfrica is a voice that- aggregates, produces and distributes sports news and information to your doorstep. They operate from Cape Town, Dakar, Abuja, Monrovia, Nairobi and Washington DC.

Africa Hockey

The African Hockey Federation is responsible for all hockey related issues in Africa. Stay with them as they bring you the latest happenings in the world of Hockey in Africa.


Explore African football. Get access to information on talent scout, world cup, African cup of nations, features, and more.

AfricaNews – Sports

Africanews is a media for all views and voices, ideas and perspectives. Access their sports news.

Athletics Africa

AthleticsAfrica.com is the premier website for track and field athletics, road and mountain running news, events, information, comment, analysis, results, images and videos from the

African Rally Championship

The African Rally Championship is an international automobile rally championship run under the auspices of the FIA. Find more about them

FIFA – Africa

FIFA is the governing body of football in the world. They set rules and regulations for football participating countries to follow. Visit their African section