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Africa Property news provides numerous articles and news items about real estate and property investment in multiple parts of the world.

African Property

African Property Group is one of the first property marketplace in Africa, offering the perfect platform for hundreds of millions of users to sell, buy and rent properties like apartments, homes, villas, condominiums, offices, shops, lands, farms and other real estate online.

CNBC Africa

Demand for investment in African real estate is expected to reach a fever pitch in 2018, and beyond, as the continent’s markets turn to growth after years of trying trading conditions. Read more here

Homes Africa

You can visit their site if you want to buy, sell or rent houses in Africa. Homes Africa focuses primarily on luxury houses

IPE – Africa Real Estate

IPE is a global organization that provides financial information about countries worldwide. This article focuses on real estate opportunities in different parts of Africa

Money Market – African Real Estate

Boasting a young and growing consumer base, urbanisation in Africa is also expected to drive over 50% of Africans into cities by 2050, compared to 40% today. To many investors, this makes Africa the last frontier for growth.


Property24 provides listings of units and rentals for sale. This article on their site examines challenges and opportunities associated with real estate investment in Africa.

Sotheby’s International Realty

Sotheby’s International focuses on luxury homes, several of them priced in the millions of dollars. Visit their site to explore luxury homes in Africa.

Urbanis Africa

Urbanis Africa is a Real Estate Developer focused on the provision of residential and commercial properties to the bottom of the pyramid in Africa is a global real estate website with real estate listings from multiple countries in Africa.

African Development Group – Economic Outlook

It presents the African Development Bank staff economists’ analyses of African economic development during the previous year and near term. It has become the main flagship report for the African Development Bank, as well as reference material for those interested in Africa’s development, including researchers, investors, civil society organizations, and development partners.

African Economic Outlook

This website provides detailed information about Africa’s economic outlook. It look at areas including entrepreneurship and industrialization. Visit the site to learn more.