2nd Image currently operates as a full-fledged beauty clinic committed to the provision of quality beauty and slimming services as well as training programs in the beauty industry. As a full-service beauty clinic, 2nd Image International has since its inception groomed and treated hundreds of people (both men and women).


Your hair is a part of you; not only in the physical literal sense but as an extension of yourself. It’s something you have to take care of, look after and love. Learn and celebrate the art form of African hair threading.


Hairdressing is highly and rightly lauded as an immensely creative industry with thousands of highly skilled and talented stylists who have not had a platform to showcase what they do best. The Hair Awards has therefore decided to launch awards that shall be a platform for the many hairdressers to showcase their prowess in the trade as well as business acumen for salon owners. Learn more.


Being African: What does hair have to do with it? Hair has become a political issue across Africa. Chemical relaxers, which straighten hair, have been popular for years. But while the look is seen by some as professional, others call it un-African.


In Africa, more and more middle-class women pay attention to their makeup and hairstyle and increase their consumption on their beauty. The expanding middle class makes Africa a promising platform for beauty markets. Learn more about the Booming Beauty Market in Africa.


Explore 7 Africa-Inspired Beauty Secrets: from skincare to hair care African inspired beautifying products. These items come in handy when you’re in need of an extra moisture boost.