Africa is a huge continent made up of 54 countries and over a billion people. But did you know that in Ethiopia, clocks are upside down with our 6:00 at their 12:00? This and 12 other incredible facts are sure to turn you into the captain at your next trivia tournament.


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Africa (ăf´rĬkə), second largest continent (2009 est. pop. 1,010,000,000), c.11,677,240 sq mi (30,244,050 sq km) including adjacent islands. Broad to the north (c.4,600 mi/7,400 km wide), Africa straddles the equator and stretches c.5,000 mi (8,050 km) from Cape Blanc (Tunisia) in the north to Cape Agulhas (South Africa) in the south…


The African continent is located mainly in the Eastern hemisphere and to the major part in the Northern hemisphere. Did you know that Africa, which covers over 30 million square kilometers, is bigger than the USA, Canada and India together? Learn more facts about Africa


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As for Africa, scientists have formerly concluded that it is the birthplace of mankind, as large numbers of human-like fossils (discovered nowhere else) were found on the continent, some dating back 3.5 million years. Get more facts about Africa.


These interesting facts about Africa will make you realize just how incredible the continent is: Africa is the second largest continent by land mass and population, Africa is composed of 54 countries and one territory, over 2,000 languages are spoken. Read more


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