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Our Donations


Our Donations and Contributions

As we work on the site, we do not want to forget the less fortunate in Africa and those who society seems to have forgotten.  We plan in our own way to highlight the plight of some of the forgotten and to assist them and donate our time, finances and other resources to help them.  Since this is a new website, we will start small but we will improve and build upon this as we grow and develop.  As we grow, we will continue to provide a percentage of our revenues to help different causes in Africa.
We have begun by focusing on children’s homes and orphanages.  The poverty level in Africa is relatively high but living in an African orphanage is substantially a lot more difficult.  The children’s homes are poorly funded and is the place where children with all sorts of disabilities and ailments live. Children with AIDS, mental and physical disabilities, children with autism, downs syndrome, children who have been abandoned, whose parents are no longer alive, all live there.  They are taken care of by very selfless staff.  A number of them were also started by private individuals who decided to help the less fortunate.  May God bless them for what they have done.  But there is so much more that they need.  We initially decided to give them comfort food and drinks and some clothes.  And as we build relationships with them, we plan to help provide them with more substantial gifts like wheel chairs, medicines, beds, etc.  If you are interested in joining us to help the kids, please contact us at
Here are some of the organizations that we have contributed to and a description of our trips there…

Kumasi Children’s Home
The Kumasi Children’s Home is near the Kumasi Airport and is one of the oldest orphanages in Ghana. It is a state institution under the auspices of the Department of Social Welfare. As a state institution, their mission is to help less privileged people in the Ashanti Region and beyond. This orphanage houses both male and female children across ages. The team visited them to donate some items to them and also interact with them. Unfortunately, it was their resting time so most of them were indoors. However, the Administrator welcomed us and received the items on their behalf. She took stock of the items and also thanked us for this kind gesture.
Kumasi Childrens Home

Teshie Children’s Home
Team members of visited the Teshie Children’s Home sited in Teshie, a surburb in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana. The Teshie Children’s home was established in May 1995 by Mrs. Parker in consultation with well-meaning persons in and around Teshie Township. This was established with the aim of providing a homely atmosphere for orphans and deprived children especially those in difficult situation who would otherwise end up in the street.
We donated items such as clothing, drinks, biscuits, water, noodles, toiletries, and other basic housekeeping items. We had a nice time with the children at Teshie Children’s Home. They were very happy to see us present these items to them. The orphanage has a very clean and serene environment. Upon discussions with their Administrator, he mentioned that, individuals and corporate bodies in and outside Ghana have been of great help to them by providing support to them in the form of cash, items and kind to help them take care of the children. However, he mentioned that they need people and corporate bodies to support them to complete an ongoing building project which would house over 30 children when completed.

New Life Home, Kumasi – Ghana
We visited the New Life Home in Kumasi to donate drinks, biscuits and water. New Life Home is one of the orphanages founded by the famous Catholic Reverend Sister, Mother Theresa. New Life Home is managed by the Catholic Church. We met two Catholic Reverend Sisters: Sister Jacenta from Tanzania and Sister Matthew from Kenya. They said that their mission is to help the less privileged in the society. New Life Home has been in existence in Kumasi for about 30 years and provides help to both children and adults in need. Majority of children and adults there have health challenges such as autism, malnutrition, stuttered growth and the likes. They also mentioned that some deprived people come there with health conditions such as malnutrition, they get treated and go back to their homes.
We were taken round the entire facility including the Children’s bedrooms. We were very sad to see children who cannot talk and walk. We met a child eating with the leg. As we interacted with the people, we had a stronger urge to help them and will likely keep going back. We asked them their most pressing need and they said that they need a cassette tape to play music in order to make the place lively and the children happy as they jump and dance around. We therefore went back and got them a music player.

New Life Children’s Home, Accra donated some items such as clothing, noodles, water, biscuits, drinks, detergents, toiletries and other housekeeping items to the New Life Children’s Home sited at Nungua in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. New Life Children’s Home, Nungua houses both healthy and unhealthy children. We interacted with these children, played with them and presented the items to them. The children were grateful for our visit and asked that we visit more frequently.
This orphanage was founded by Nii Afote Botwe II, a sub-chief in the Greater Accra Region. He is also known in private life as Mr. Cephas Mensah Afote. Upon our interactions with him, he said that he had the vision of setting up this orphanage when he returned from Holland in the year 2000. According to him, he saw homeless and helpless children in Nungua and its environs and thought it wise to help them by building this orphanage which started operation on 2nd August, 2000.
Their aim is to provide a living for homeless children. The orphanage has started a soaring building project which is more than 70% complete. This building is anticipated to house about 200 children. Nii Afote Botwe said he would want to use the media to ask for help from individuals and organizations in the form of cash and building materials to help complete this project.