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Our Local African Partners


Our Local African Partners

Since our primary goal is to showcase Africa, we try our best to work with African’s on different facets of our business.  Doing so enables us to showcase the amazing skills and quality of work of African artisans.  It also enables us to provide business and employment to small and local African businesses and artisans.  Part of our business involves selling handmade African products, especially apparel.  We currently have clothing and accessories for adults and children made by local African Artisans.  Our website was also built by a local African business and they have done an amazing job.  We work with local African artisans even if we have to pay a bit more than we would if we had some of the products made in other parts of the world.
Here are some of the local African partners that we work with.

Sewing Men’s Clothes
Zac Creations and Mr. Dickson have been sewing our men’s clothes.  They have done a very good job.  Here are some of their pictures

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Agyeku Prints
Agyeku Prints made our tshirts and printed our logos on them.  He and his team did an amazing job.



Prince is CEO of urhitech, a technology and webdesign company.  His company built our website and has built several others.  They are a very professional and skilled team.  They also developed the exploreafrica.com  Logo.  I have been really impressed working with his team
Africa Partners Africa Partners

Super Model Immanuella – Kuukua’s Daughter
We have been working with a number of women Artisans including the ones who have been sowing the women’s clothes and the market women we buy materials from.  So far, they have been camera shy so we do not yet have their pictures.  However, one of them Kuukua, has a very adorable daughter called Immanuella and she has been our top model.  Isnt she adorable?
African Partners