JAMBO (Hello in Swahili) and AKWAABA (Welcome in Twi, a Ghanaian language)

Our Story

Hello and Welcome to ExploreAfrica.com
We built this site to help our guests learn more about the real Africa.  Our goal is to provide you with a wholistic picture of Africa. The perception being created about Africa is that it is all about Safaris and Wildlife.  We want to help everyone realize that Africa has more depth than that.  Our site enables you to learn more about traditional and modern Africa.  We provide you with links to hundreds of websites where you can explore, shop and learn about the real Africa.  You can watch Modern African movies, Listen to Modern and Traditional African Music, watch modern TV shows, learn about African Beauty secrets such as learning how to tie an African headscarf, learn about African History, Tourism, Sports, African Business Opportunities and buy Authentic Handmade African Goods.
We are not against tourism or safari.  If that is what interests you to the continent, we welcome you.  We just want people to learn more about Africa and learn about different facets of the continent that are not well known. 
We have built the first phase of the site which is to provide you with hundreds of links to websites, social media sites and videos, where you can explore and learn about Africa as a whole.  In the next phases, we will provide you with information about specific African countries. We are also working on creating a Gift shop where you can purchase Handmade and Sewn clothing, accessories and other products from Africa.  Finally, we plan to open up social media sites and comments sections on our websites, where you can have discussions about Africa.
We hope you enjoy your visit and keep coming back to visit us and observe our changes as we grow and develop.  Remember to tell your friends, colleagues and family members about us.
Thanks for visiting,
Your Friends from ExploreAfrica.com

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